Even though social media is part of 73% of adult’s everyday life, the medium is still a mystery to many when it comes to spreading a brand or organization’s message. It is necessary for organizations to harness the power of social media to reach people and grow awareness for their causes.

Luckily, non-profits have caught on, with their time on social media and budgets both being on the rise. Vertical Response has made this handy dandy infograph to better explain how and where non-profits are investing in social media:

What is most interesting about Vertical Responses’ infograph is the highest amount of time non-profits spend on social media is spent looking for content to post. So what are practices your non-profit can put into place to make use you get the most out of your time and budget when it comes to content?

Create a Personalized News Feed.
Using RSS feeds (such as the one provided by Google), you can be alerted to news stories relevant to your cause. In setting up this personalized news experience you can eliminate time spent searching for those articles on your own, your RSS feed does it for you! In turn, you can share those news stories most relevant to your cause on your social media channels allowing followers to share the content and also your organization social media page with their friends and followers.

Create Your Own Media
People love pictures and video, and it has been proven over and over again that social media posts involving media see higher engagement among social media users. Show video of your organization in action; show pictures of your events, and the results of your efforts! People will comment, like and share your posts and your message for you!

Share Your Story
Chances are you got involved with your cause because you were passionate about it. Now show that passion online! People react to passion; share your organization’s history and story of why you do what you do. Tell about the impact your organization is having on your community and what you hope to achieve. And also don’t be afraid to talk about how working at your organization has impacted and changed your life personally.

While there are a number of ways non-profits can utilize social media, it is hard to know where to start, hopefully these few tips will help get you started!