With the population ever increasingly becoming more attached to their phones it is no wonder that nonprofits are now harnessing the power of mobile technology to help in their fundraising efforts. Through responsive websites, apps, and texting, non-profits are getting their message directly to their target audiences and allowing them to streamline the donation process ensuring a higher volume of funds collected for their endeavors.

Donors are found to be 34% more likely to give if they can do so on a responsive website. A mobile option such as a responsive, easy to navigate, user-friendly website with plenty of “calls to actions” allows donors to act more impulsively and quickly go through the act of donating. In addition to responsive websites, non-profits have found great success with text based giving.

You see it after natural catastrophes and on commercials for various charities, the call to action to “Text now to donate.” The request is followed by an easy to remember number or word/number combo that you can text to donate a pre-determined amount to the charity of your choosing. The Pew Research Center states that The ability to send small donations using mobile phones facilitates “impulse giving” in response to moving images or events. One of the most successful text based fundraising campaigns was that done by the Red Cross to aid Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010, $43 million dollars were raised by text donation alone.

One of the most valuable things your non-profit can invest in is developing your mobile strategy. If potential donors hear about your organization chances are they are immediately going to Google you on their phones, be sure that the information they find will be easily accessible! Further more you must engage your potential and reoccurring donors by going to where they are – their phones!

Still not sure about mobile giving? mGive breaks the benefits of mobile giving down for you following their 2013 study on the subject:

Mobile Giving
Mobile Giving